Nowadays motto: I shop, therefore I am.

ishopPeople just don’t want to care. I wonder why. Is it because somehow caring implies suffering? Is it because you give a small piece of yourself when you start caring about (living) things, ideas and so forth? Is it because people become attached of the things they come to care about?

We all have to admit that life sometimes gets nasty and it’s really difficult at times to hold tight and not break down. We need money to assure our basic needs and necessities. We need money to pay our bills. We need money to pay for the place we’re living in. To pay the rent. Because we want to have a place to come to after an exhausting day; a place to feel safe and call our home sweet home. So we really do need money in order to have all that. And we work to have all that money.

Man, sometimes seems so difficult to find a job. Oh well, we find one. And we want to keep it as long as we can. It doesn’t really fit our childhood dreams, but who thinks about that now. We should say a big THANK YOU to the person that hired us and go along with the job. The MONEY is cooooomiiiing. So, now you’re bound to do whatever your boss/mighty corporation is dictating to you, no fooling around. Maybe you’ll still have the guts to go to some peaceful protests, maybe they are not that interested into you yet. Lucky you! But still, now that you have a job you want to be like any of your fellow worker. You don’t want like a teenager who is supported by his parents and doesn’t see the financial aspect of the whole picture.

Oh, now you have your salary and you’re a first-hand participant at this tremendous movement called consumerism. So now, all you have to care about is to consume. Consume a lot. I mean, you really don’t want the economy go sour, we want it to be prosper, because what’s going to happen with that mighty salary if something with the economy goes wrong? Maybe they will fire you. No, no way. Jeez, I’ll keep buying like a mad person. I want to be happy. Anything to be happy. If caring about things like environment, animal cruelty, exploitation of children interferes with the well-being of the economy (and my company where I work/job/money/me), well, I will take the privilege not to care. These things are somewhere there, but I would prefer not to see them, or to be told about them. I just want to forget and live this beautiful life. I want to be positive. And feel good. And eat delicious things. Exotic things. Baby cats in China. Taking photographs. I’m really cool. Just living the life you know? Want to have some kids someday. Want to feel fulfilled. The kids will have an amazing life. We can provide for them.

Nowadays new religion: consumerism.


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